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Medieval Night: Game of Thrones & Lord of the Rings Experience in Mexico City

Lucha Libre experience
Credit: Viator

There are many great activities to enjoy in and around the Valley of the Damned, where Mexico City lies, which range from occasions entrenched in Mexican culture to seeing the sights of the ancient world for which the area is known. For a true taste of Mexican entertainment, you could seek the Lucha Libre experience, which is one of the country’s favourite spectator sports, or you could attend a football match of either Club America, Deportivo Cruz Azul, or UNAM, all of which compete in the top division, Liga MX. To understand the majesty of Mexico’s ancient civilisations, a trip to the Teotihuacan Pyramids is a must, with climbing the Pyramid of the Sun at sunset being a tourist favourite.

But for a more modern taste of what’s popular in Mexico City, you should seek out one of the new events helping to propel the capital’s love of everything fantasy and medieval. If you think that the popularity of the medieval/fantasy theme is peculiar in Mexico City, you’re probably not the only one; but it’s the enchanting worlds and drive of major franchises that have hooked a huge audience in the city, leading to some truly fantastic experiences to enjoy.

The Lord of the Rings set the standard

In December 2001, the world of cinema and pop culture was changed forever with the release of Peter Jackson’s first film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Fellowship of the Ring. The movies set a new standard for epic filmmaking and would go on to release the river of big-budget fantasy/medieval movies and television series, per The Verge, by bringing the genre into the mainstream. Middle-Earth, the setting for The Lord of the Rings, becoming a reality helped grow the gigantic franchise, and while there were but three movies for a long time, releases in the world of gaming helped fans to stay connected to the brand and the world.

The Lord of the Rings gaming options pried into the suspected realms of fantasy fans with the grand strategy board game War of the Ring from Ares Games, as well as Games Workshop creating a tabletop miniatures strategy game, but the franchise also went mainstream across all video gaming platforms.

Game of Thrones running with Middle-Earth’s momentum

Game of Thrones is hailed as the most popular show in the world by Time, and yet little under two decades ago, the fantasy world theme perhaps wouldn’t have been so popular, and such a show wouldn’t have been given the massive budget that it needs to deliver a high-quality show. While The Lord of the Rings opened the world to the medieval/fantasy genre through PG and 12A age certificates, Game of Thrones tailored its stories and plots to a more grown-up audience and has tailored its game offering accordingly.

For the most part, adults are more inclined to play quick and easy games that are convenient and relay the enjoyment of being in an interesting theme, such as Game of Thrones. The first big Game of Thrones game of this ilk was Game of Thrones Ascent, which concluded in January 2019. Ascent was launched way back in 2013 by Disruptor Beam and could be played on mobile devices or through Facebook. It was followed by the ongoing mobile online multiplayer strategy game Game of Thrones: Conquest, from Turbine, which continues to update its offering with new ways to build your house and conquer in Westeros. Another sign of the fantasy/medieval genre appealing to an older audience through Game of Thrones’ gaming offerings is with the official Game of Thrones online slot at Betway, which features all of the iconic elements of the television series, infusing it into the popular form of online gaming.

Game of Thrones has also dabbled in the gaming genres more traditionally associated with the more traditional fantasy/medieval genre’s audience. The Game of Thrones video game of 2012 was greatly considered to be a swing and a miss in review, but did manage to deliver an intriguing experience in the end, while Telltale Games have been praised for the story that you play out in their episodic Game of Thrones series, which was considered the best of the limited video game offerings based on the almighty series and novels. The best game in the traditional form, however, has to be Fantasy Flight Games’ A Game of Thrones: The Board Game, which is loosely based on the classic game of Risk but has been adapted it to possess a bunch of very Thrones-like elements.

The medieval experience in Mexico City

Through major franchises like The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and their movies, television series, and games, the medieval and fantasy themes have hooked a huge fan base in Mexico City. Fans enjoy playing the various games of the franchises when the show or movies aren’t on, but some go another step further to create the ultimate medieval night. As reported by Chilango, a unique night of live experiences centred on a medieval banquet took place this February.

Another event, the Mundo Medieval Mexico fantasy dinner, had a double theme, featuring Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings to deliver a new experience to fans likened to their favorite famous realms. The evening featured battles, dances, musicians, and the Iron Throne as well as a themed dinner of bread for starters, a special soup, and the main course of marinated loin, salad, and mead.

Mundo Medieval Mexico put on a huge range of medieval-themed experiences and events throughout the year, including the largest medieval festival in Latin America, Medieval Festival La Marquesa Internacional, with the eighth edition of this festival taking place on 5, 6, and 7 April 2019. If you can’t wait for the next event and want to try something a bit different, there is a Mexico City-based role-playing clan set up, TC Clan, which advertises meet-ups online and boasts 50 members.

The Lord of the Rings opened the world to the excitement that can come from the medieval/fantasy theme, and Game of Thrones has gone another step further to alter the world’s perception of the genre. With a huge stream of tailor-made games from both colossal franchises, people can always be connected to the realms that they love, which is why it should come as no surprise that in Mexico City, incredible experiences have emerged that are based on the increasingly popular genre.

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