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Mexico City is not only the most important industrial, economic and cultural centre in Mexico but also in Central America. The city’s nightlife and dinning scene is impressive with a diverse selection of bars, pubs, clubs and eateries spread throughout the city.

Enjoy a wide range of Mexican and other famous drinks from around the world in cantinas where prices are usually reasonable. Also, many bars situated in the hotel offer a combination of Spanish and English pop, rock, house, hip-hop or R&B music, as well as some Latin/Caribbean music is also found.

There are also some amazing clubs in the city that play a wide selection of music. These happening places of Mexico City mostly close late; by 3-4am at the earliest, while some remain open until the morning.


Au Pied De Cochon

Au Pied De Cochon

This excellent 24/7 French restaurant is located in the Hotel Presidente Inter-Continental. If you want an authentic plat du jour of steak...


The Rosetta Restaurant is situated on the Colima Street in the Roma district, and is one of the Mexico City’s prime restaurants. The people who work here are passionate...


La Nueva Opera

The La Nueva Opera is one of the most popular bars in Mexico City and also the most legendary. This bar was opened in...

Bar Milán

The Bar Milán is a fashionable haunt for the younger crowd, as the drinks are great and the music is so loud that you cannot hear someone...

Live Music

Celtics Pub

This Irish-style pub is situated in the La Condesa district where British and Irish music is frequently played for the foreign visitors...

Mama Rumba

Mama Rumba is an intimate place renowned for its music. The inspired music draws the most energetic crowd of the city...


El Hijo del Cuervo

The El Hijo del Cuervo is one of the most popular cultural bars in Mexico City. The founders Alejandro Aura and Pablo Boullosa have...

Los Insurgentes Pulqueria

When you enter the Los Insurgentes Pulqueria you are greeted with live music that is simply a treat to the senses...

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