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5 Traditional Drinks of Mexico City

Carajillo. Credit: Unsplash/Nahima Aparicio

Mexico City has some of the biggest and best nightclubs when it comes to having a good time during the evening! From bars to restaurants, you’ll find some mouthwatering food and drinks served up to make your evening even better. Celebrate a night out dining & drinking in the company of good friends or family while you're in Mexico City.

Here are 5 traditional alcoholic drinks that are famous among the locals. Give it a try and let us know!


It might not be common where you live, but sipping on an after-dinner drink is popular among the locals. Carajillo is an elegant drink made with espresso and Licor 43. In this drink, there is a perfect blend of citrus, vanilla, herbs and spices alongside the alcohol. Sip on this after a full meal to relax and unwind.


Cerveza is essentially a cold brew that is best enjoyed as a refresher on a hot summer afternoon. You can take your pick, from Corona to Tecate and even Modelo or a Dos Equis. Stop by a brewery, or you can drink and dine at a local restaurant or bar with your favourite beer.


Tequila. Credit: Pixabay/Xavier Espinosa

Tequila is among the most common alcoholic drinks that are enjoyed by locals and in the nations where this drink is exported. You can enjoy a traditional tequila shot for an extra kick or a margarita as a safe choice. But if you want to blend in like a local, we recommend ordering a Paloma - a tequila mixed with lime, water, soda a Fresca and some ice. Cheers!


If you like fermented drinks, then pulque is something you must enjoy. This drink is made with the fermented juice of the agave plant and has a solid 6% alcohol content. Not for the faint-hearted because of its slimy consistency, this drink comes in several flavours; perfect if you're just getting started! Also, you may opt for a local brewery tour and taste local food along with tequila, and pulque.


Raicilla was once considered to be a form of local moonshine in Mexico City. It is also made from the local agave plant like pulque, but this one has a balance of mezcal's smokey flavour along with fruity floral notes as well. You'll find this liqueur used by mixologists at the local bars to create a multitude of tantalizing cocktails.

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