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Why Mexico City is a Popular Holiday Destination

Mexico city
Credit: Pixy

The vibrant Mexico City has been ranked as one of the top travel destinations and is being described as a ‘metropolis that has it all’. Check out the reasons why Mexico City is a perfect destination for your next holiday.

The Art

The art scene in Mexico City attracts artists and art lovers from all over the world. The art galleries and museums are excellent learning grounds for the aspiring artists and a wonderful platform to showcase their talents for the established ones.


Mexican food is loved by one and all around the world and from Tamales to Tacos you will get the best of all here. The restaurants, street food stalls and eateries will give you a truly savoury experience which you can’t get anywhere else. Be it a simple breakfast or a grand dinner you will truly enjoy them all.


The city of Aztecs will never allow you to have a dull moment during your sightseeing tour. Places like the Angel of Independence, Metropolitan Cathedral, Chapultepec, Templo Mayor, etc. are sure to keep tourists engrossed for hours together.       

Love for all

The LGBT community has acceptance here as the city is more progressive in its outlook than the rest of the country. Mexico City also became the first city in Mexico to legalize same-sex marriage.   


Nightlife in Mexico City is just like the city itself – exciting, vibrant and colourful. The bars and pubs in the city will guarantee a great night out.   

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