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Exploring Mexico City during Summer

Mexico City
Credit: Unpslash/Alejandro Barba

Mexico City is a vibrant tourist destination where you can find the best of everything you want! This city has everything from fine dining to street food delicacies & shopping malls to local boutique stores. If you're planning a trip or a weekend getaway to this exotic destination, the summer season is the way to go! Read more to learn how you can make the best of travelling & exploring Mexico City during the summer. Enjoy!

Outdoor Activities

Summer season is the best time you can truly get to travel & explore the city while getting a tan, having a workout and working up a sweat all at the same time! If you love being active and have a list of different things you would like to explore, then make sure you book a tour for a magical outdoor experience. There are opportunities for hiking trips, a Monarch Butterfly Migration Experience (100kms from Mexico City) & even a multi-day tour around the different magical towns close to Mexico City. Book in advance because the spots can go soon!

Teotihuacan. Credit: Pixabay/Juan RODRIGUEZ

Places to See

Besides the local city attractions like the Metropolitan Cathedral and the famous Constitution Square, plenty of other landmarks are located nearby; you must make a point to visit. Teotihuacan (about 48km from Mexico City) is a UNESCO Heritage Site & there are also several museums & galleries you can visit to learn more about the city's history and culture. These places are a must-visit!

Things to Do

Besides outdoor expeditions, there's plenty to do within Mexico City itself. If you are a die-hard foodie, then take up a culinary tour or visit the beautiful local gardens & parks to get the perfect sun-kissed pictures. Walking & biking trails are the most popular but head to Chapultepec Park for some quiet time during sunrise & sunset. It's breathtakingly peaceful!

What are you waiting for? Get excited for a chance to explore Mexico City this summer & book your flight today!

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