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A day at Mexico City’s KidZania Amusement Park

Credit: KidZania

The colourful Mexico City is indeed a unique destination for a holiday with the family. The energy and exciting atmosphere of the city, as well as the natural beauty, make it an ideal destination for you to get away with the kids. Mexico City has a large number of theme parks, tourist attractions, as well as water parks, for you have fun at, but none can be as enjoyable as the KidZania Theme Park.

KidZania is, in fact, a large chain of indoor family entertainment centres that operates and has branches all over the world. Currently, the popular brand has up to 4 parks in Mexico all popular among the local and visiting kids with their families at Santa Fe, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Cuicuilco. The closest branch to Mexico City is at Cuicuilco and is approximately 30mins or 23km away, which makes it most convenient when visiting.

The amusement park operates on a unique entertaining concept where kids play out as adults, operating and learning all about ‘real life’. Every KidZania park is actually built as a small child-sized replica of a city, including streets, shops, theatres and other buildings. From 4yrs right to the age of 14yrs, children can actively take part and play in a variety of real-life environments. This provides an interactive and entertaining learning experience as the kids can pass the time while they perform tasks and gain knowledge of tackling problems in adult life. The fun part is that they can open their own bank account and withdraw KidZania money to spend on these activities! The kids can make transactions in a bank, be the police or fire officer, cure animals in a veterinary clinic and even try at being a chef; all the land of KidZania!

As this indoor entertainment centre, the environment is safe and the parents can track their children electronically through bracelets which make it even more fun for the children to roam free. Like other outdoor theme parks like Six Flags in Mexico City, the child can learn without being surrounded by adults.

Travel safe by renting a car from Mexico City to KidZania at Cuicuilco and have fun day with your children.

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