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Savour Sweet Treats in Mexico City for a New Year

Churros. Credit: Unsplas/Rosy Ko

A great way to start the New Year is on a sweet note. The fireworks and celebrations may have settled down, but on your vacation in Mexico City, take time out to savour the desserts and set the tone of the year on a sweet note. Whether it is the start of the year or in between, desserts are a must-try throughout the year, and here are amazing desserts that you must sample.


Churros are an awesome snack, and people just love them anytime. The simple fried dough makes a great side of chocolate. The crispy dessert has plenty of stuffed options such as fruit, chocolate, Nutella, and other fillings. You don't wish to miss out on trying the sugar-dusted churros dipped in hot chocolate, and you'll find several places to eat churros. Whether it is the start of the year or mid-year, you must try this crispy snack.

Nieve de Garrafa

Nieve de Garrafa is a traditional delight, handcrafted with fresh ingredients, symbolising Mexican gastronomy. The cold dessert rings of irresistible flavours and combinations that are diverse and exciting. Guests can choose from classics such as chocolate and vanilla or try exotic flavours such as mamey and avocado. There are some popular joints and restaurants where you can taste the delicacy.

Pay de Queso (Mexican Cheese Pie)

Cheese pie Credit: Pixabay/Ulises Lothbrok

How about a cheese pie? Dessert lovers must try Pay de queso, which is a smooth and creamy pie with a cookie crust. The version may seem like New York cheesecake, and can often be dense and heavy, and is delightfully soft. It is a great dessert option for any occasion, so remember to try this dessert on your next vacation in the city.

Los Alegrias

Yet another must-try dessert is Los Alegrias (or Amaranth Candies). The oblong or circular dessert is made of toasted amaranth seeds, honey, and sugar and has some flavourful add-ons of chocolate, nuts, and raisins. The treats come in various shapes and make a must-try dessert option, especially when celebrating the Day of the Dead.

Also, you can enhance your Mexican culinary experience by booking a food tour. Explore authentic flavours from street food stalls to local eateries, guided by experts who share cultural insights.

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