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Have a Fun Day at Chiapa de Corzo Near Mexico City

Chiapa de Corzo
Chiapa de Corzo. Credit: Unsplash/Roger Ce

Mexico City resonates with vibrant living, and the city is blessed with old-school cantinas, lip-smacking dining, and culture-rich museums. You're right! It's just the place to ring in the New Year. For those who wish to go sightseeing in and around the city, you must plan a trip to Chiapa de Corzo near Mexico City. Guests can participate in the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo, the festival of colours in January, and enjoy traditional dancing Parachicos and more. If this excites you, here are some top things to do and see in Chiapa de Corzo.

Enjoy Chiapescan food

Chiapa de Corzo is popular for its food; guests will enjoy sampling the cuisine. There's a lot to try from dishes such as cochito horneado (roasted pig), special bean tamales, or pepita con tasajo (a mix of a jerky-like beef steak and pumpkin seeds). The street foods are also amazing and not to be missed. Chiapas is also famous for its sweets, and guests can try traditional crystalised fruits, sweet potato and quince paste sweets, and more. 

Explore the Sumidero Canyon National Park

Sumidero Canyon
Sumidero Canyon. Credit: Unsplash/Gabriel Tovar

Discover the Sumidero Canyon National Park, one of the natural destinations that attracts tourists all year round. Guests can book a tour of their choice, enjoy revelling in the serene surroundings aboard a boat, and navigate the waters of the impressive Grijalva River. It's a perfect spot to take a stroll around the Chiapas region's first settlement, Chiapa de Corzo, and learn about the surroundings with the help of a trained guide. Guests can admire the endemic flora and fauna of Chiapas. Plus, one can spot spider monkeys, crocodiles, and a great variety of birds. Enjoy the wind on your face and cool off with the Grijalva River breeze.

Enjoy the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo

A great way to ring in the New Year is to celebrate the Fiesta Grande de Chiapa de Corzo. The festival is hosted in mid-January, and it's a celebration of music, dance, gastronomy, handicrafts, and religious ceremonies and feasting in honour of the Catholic saints Our Lord of Esquipulas, Saint Anthony Abbot, and Saint Sebastian.

Admire beautiful street art

The art scene in Chiapa de Corzo is something worth looking out for. Art lovers can look out to join an Art walk through the art galleries and cultural centres. Plus, the street art at select spots in the town is vibrant and an experience worth enjoying.

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