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All about Mexico City’s Palace of Fine Arts

 Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Fine Arts, Credit: Adam Derewecki/Pixabay

Rich, colourful and densely populated are just a few of the words that would be best to describe Mexico City. The vibrant city is dipped in culture and history and the landmarks and tourist attractions prove just that. While there are several museums and galleries you can visit, we recommend visiting Mexico City’s Palace of Fine Arts if you’re visiting the city for just one night, or are an art lover.

Palace of Fine Arts, also known in Mexico City as Palacio de Belles Artes is a cultural centre located in the historic neighbourhood of the city. Close by the Almeda Central Park, the construction of this historic building first began in 1904 under Italian architect Adamo Boari. With history intervening during the Mexican Revolution, the art nouveau style of the structure soon received art deco interiors after it was finally completed in 1930 by architect Federico Mariscal.

Credit: Pxhere

If you look at the exterior and interior, you'll begin to see the nouveau and deco style of design, showcasing how political climates have shaped the structure to become what we see today. Another fascinating fact in the delay of the initial construction before the Revolution is the fact that the building began sinking in the spongy soil on which it was being constructed!

Unlike many tourist attractions, the Belles Artes theatre is available for public viewing only on performance days. If you're lucky enough, you'll get to see the masterful stained-glass curtain assembled by New York jeweller Tiffany & Co. from almost a million pieces of coloured glass depicting the Valle de México. The interior of the building also includes beautiful murals by renowned artists like González Camarena and Diego Rivera to name a few.

From enthralling shows to symphony orchestra performances, the beauty of each performance amplifies the beauty of the structure as well. Walk around the site and enjoy the views and then head to the theatre for a performance you won't forget! Enjoy!

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