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5 Expert Tips for Visiting Mexico City on a Budget

Credit: Sofus_Solivagante/Pixabay

Mexico City is a vibrant place to explore and enjoy; whether you are a solo traveller or on a trip with friends. While the food, the city nightlife and the historical attractions are what make this place so attractive, it can also be hard on the wallet and your budget. If you are looking for ways to make the trip more affordable we’ve got some expert tips that can make sure you stick to your budget and only splurge on things you absolutely want to! Happy travels!

Plan your Trip in Advance

Seasons affect prices for not just flight tickets and hotel accommodations, but also concerning the food, the day tours and even the souvenir shops. To make sure your holiday is budget-friendly, we recommend planning trips that are close to the festival season as much as possible. Not only will you get some good discounts, but festivals offer lots to see and do at a fraction of the price- sometimes even free!

Find Cheap Accommodation

Accommodation is one of those things that you can either splurge on if you're looking for a boutique holiday experience, or you can save the most money on. From Airbnb spots to couch surfing with locals, there are many options to choose. Try budget-friendly hotels or even youth hostels for travellers looking to backpack across the country. It's likely to be a memorable experience!

Ditch Private Transportation

Uber can be a luxury in places like Mexico City, that's why is best to ditch private transport and stick to local modes. Try taking local metros, and trams and jot down bus schedules for easy access around town. Make sure you know what neighbourhoods you are in for safety reasons, and avoid late-night travelling if you're a solo holidaygoer.

Explore Free Attractions

It's no secret that tours and private guided excursions can cost a lot. The best way to stick to a budget is by checking out free entry to spots you love. There are several museums, art galleries and even nightclubs that have free entry; including some landmarks like Chapultepec Park and Palacio Nacional. Wandering around town doesn't have to be expensive!

Enjoy Meals like a Local

Credit: Nahima Aparicio/Unsplash

We would not recommend skimping out on meals but there are a few tricks to try if you're on a budget. Stick to an all-inclusive hotel so you can avoid munching on ordered snacks, or head to street vendors and small food shops serving Mexican dishes. The local cuisine is affordable that's why it's best to eat like a local and leave the pizza and pasta when you're here!

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