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The Dazzling Soumaya Museum in Mexico City

Museo Soumaya Plaza
Credit: Raystormxc / CC-BY-SA-3.0
Museo Soumaya is a private museum in Mexico City named after Carlos Slim’s late wife Soumaya. Owned by the Carlos Slim Foundation, the museum was opened in 1994. It is designed by the Mexican architect Fernando Romero, son-in-law of Carlos Slim and engineered by Frank Gehry and Ove Arup.

The museum was previously situated in the southern part of Mexico City in the Plaza Loreto of San Angel. It had four distinct rooms where each room themed specifically. In 2011, the most important collection was shifted to a new 16,000 sq m building built in the southern part of Mexico City. Its relocation and construction at a new place cost more than $70 million.

The building appears like a shiny silver cloud-like structure resembling a Rodin sculpture. This six-story building is a 46 m high and covered by 16,000 hexagonal tiles. A narrow entrance of the building opens into a large white gallery. To let the sunlight enter into the building during the daytime, the top floor of the building is left open.

Being a treasury of extensive art, historical documents, religious relics and coin collection of Carlos Slim, the museum is the centre of attraction in Mexico City. It holds work of art by reputed European artists from the 15th to 20th centuries. A huge collection of casts of sculptures by Auguste Robin is the most sought after in the museum. Other than the art galleries, the new building also has a library, restaurant, and an auditorium.

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