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Templo Mayor of Mexico City

Offering Box Templo Mayor
Credit: PD Photo

As per Aztec sources, an ethnic group in Central Mexico, during the 14th to16th century, a temple was built, dedicating to two gods, the god of war, and the god of rain and agriculture. Templo Mayor was one of the main temples.

Construction of the temple began sometime after 1325 AD. The temple was rebuilt 6 times after this. During the conquest of the Spaniards of the Technochtilan, the site was a religious centre with a population density of 300,000. It was destroyed during the Spanish conquest in 1521.

The temple remained lost until an Aztec carving was found in the City of Mexico in 1978. It was discovered by workers who were digging for the metro. The carving was of the Aztec Moon Goddess. The Mexican President authorized the Templo Mayor project after this discovery.

The current site of Templo Mayor is the result of 32 years of excavations. A museum adjoining these ruins was built to display the fragile pieces excavated from the site. The Templo Mayor is still an ongoing archaeological excavation site.

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