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The amazing hidden beach in Marieta Islands

Credit: Via YouTube
Credit: Via YouTube
The Beach of Love or the “Playa de Amor” famed as the “Hidden Beach” lies about 20 marine miles from Puerto Vallarta.
Situated in the Marieta Islands this idyllic beach has remained untouched by humans for many years. This magnificent beach was created in the early 1900’s by the Mexican Government as a bombing location of the groundwork for the First World War.
Credit: Via YouTube
Credit: Via YouTube
The turquoise crystal clear waters rush playfully to the pristine white shores untarnished by the outside world. The beach was unknown to humans, but after photos of the beach became viral on the internet the beach became very popular. Despite its fame the beach is not crowded due to the difficulty in getting there. You can get there only by the means of a helicopter. The small tunnel, about 59ft in height with only 6 ft of air gap between water and rock, and can be crossed only by scuba diving or swimming, and that too only during low tide.

The islands well known as the “Galapagos of Mexico,” are an ecological treasure. Formed by a volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago, the Marieta Islands have an extravagant collection of flora and fauna as well as aquatic species such as manta rays and humpback whales which earned it its identify as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These islands are under the protection of the Mexico government, and visitors who want to enter the beach must have a permit with them.

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