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Strange Things about Mexican People

Credit: PD / Laurinemily
Credit: PD / Laurinemily

Get to know the real Mexico by familiarizing yourself with its people. Go beyond the tacos and burritos and get to know Mexico more intimately.

1) Stare

When you are in Mexico do not get alarmed if locals stare at you. Here, it is acceptable for folks to hold a gaze longer than usual. So don’t start a fight just because of some staring, it's perfectly normal here.

2) Hair Gel

Hair gel is the favorite hair grooming product of the Mexican people. Boys will apply liberal amounts of gel to their heads to make sure all is in place, whereas, as for the girls the Mexican ponytail is quite famous, where not one strand escapes from the hairdo.

3) PDA
The Mexicans are surprisingly liberal in their attitude towards outdoor displays of affection. You will see PDA in public parks and a variety of other public places. Sometimes it is hard to ignore a couple when you are stuck behind them on a bus or something but the lovers just don’t care. 

4) Lateness

Time commitments in Mexico are quite flexible so if you are meeting a friend who is Mexican a little tardiness.

5) Traffic
The traffic can be a little hard to navigate here. People regularly break minor rules and sometimes honk a little too much but you eventually get used to it. If you are a pedestrian crossing the road at a red signal, make sure you're extra careful. 

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