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Read This Before Going for a Party in Mexico City

Credit: Pixabay / stux
The Mexicans certainly know how to party hard so if you want to keep up with them read the following tips carefully.
1) The Precopeo

It is customary to gather at someplace, preferably a friend’s house, for a pre-party drink. It sets the right mood for the party, gives you a chance to know your companions and is also light on the pockets. But many times the pre-party gets so stretched and people get so woozy that the real party does not happen at all.

2) Little Fridays

The weekend generally begins on Friday night but many people here consider Thursdays as ‘Little Fridays’ and begin their celebrations on that day itself.

3) One for all

There are all kinds of bars and nightclubs in Mexico City which can satisfy even the weirdest person around. You just have to search for them as many are heavily disguised and only the selected few know about them.

4) No Alcohol

Even if you are a teetotaller you don’t have to worry as the city can offer you a wide variety of refreshing drinks to choose from such as the tepache, atole, pozol, tejuino, etc.

5) Be safe

Getting home safely after a great night out can take some efforts, and it is always advisable that you should book a cab from a taxi company as taking one from the streets can be quite dangerous at night.

The Mexicans also have a very special menu for curing your hangover the next day, so you don’t have to worry about the next day being ruined either.

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