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Things to Explore in Mexico City

Mexico City has long since shed its negative image, and the result is an amazingly colourful city to explore and beautiful people to encounter. Read on, for some of the things that are worth your time while visiting Mexico City.

1) Street Food
Credit: Creative Commons/jeffreyw
Credit: Creative Commons/jeffreyw
Street food lovers, you are in for a treat! Mexico city serves some of the best street food delicacies in the world, be it the mouth-watering tamales, chapulines, tacos or the tempting tortillas, you must try them all.

2) Land of Museums and Art
Credit: Creative Commons/Thelmadatter
Credit: Creative Commons/Thelmadatter
Mexico City has more museums per capita as compared to any other city in the world. Most of the museums have free admission on Sundays, and even on the weekdays the entry fee is affordable. You can also say that Mexico City is one big art gallery in itself as you can see a lot of art on the streets, churches and even on pavements.

3) Take Public transport
Credit: Creative Commons/ERPN
Credit: Creative Commons/ERPN
Traffic in Mexico City can be regarded as one of the worst traffics in the world, but the people in the city have found a way to get around it. To make the tedious public transportation enjoyable, they have artists doing stand-up comedy, singing or blasting music from their speakers. You can also do some light shopping as there are salesmen selling anything from ball pens to gums or razors.

4) Try the Michelada
Credit: Creative Commons/ProtoplasmaKid
Credit: Creative Commons/ ProtoplasmaKid
Michelada is made up of beer, lime, hot sauce and some exotic spices and is served in chilly and salt rimmed glasses. A must try for one end all and also an excellent remedy for curing hangover.

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