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Folkloric Ballet in Mexico City

A visit to any city infused with the local culture and tradition helps create unforgettable memories. As you visit Mexico City, you will be dazzled by the bounteous experiences.
The city is a popular tourist destination and there are plenteous things to do in Mexico City. There are many Mexico City tours which are planned keeping visitors in mind, so that they may experience incredible facets of the city.
Mexico City Folkloric Ballet
Credit: Viator
Music and Dance are expressions which connect individuals holistically. The Mexico City Folkloric Ballet (Ballet Folklórico de México) founded by artistic director Amalia Hernández is a deep reflection of the rich culture of the city. One of the world’s best dance shows which will keep you engaged during the three hours of performances. You will witness soulful folk songs, vibrant dances and beautiful mariachi music.
Mexico City Folkloric Ballet
Credit: Viator
The shows have been performed over 60 years, and have successfully connected 22 million individuals all-over-the-world, with more than 15,000 shows. The ensemble of folk traditions from diverse parts of Mexico is inclusive of the Mayan Empire from the Yucatan Peninsula, and the cowboy culture of Jalisco, Mexican state. The splash of colours with the intense costumes like the sombreros, shawls, richly-embroidered skirts, fans and ribbons are terrific. Visit one of the four-rotating venues, as you are accompanied by a guide with an indulgent free hotel pickup and drop-off. Enjoy an evening filled with rhythms, colours and expressive dances.

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