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The life and hospitality of the Mexicans

The kind and courageous people of Mexico are ever welcoming and offer unmatched hospitality when you visit Mexico City.
The people here have their roots set deep in their culture and the result is a strong but courteous nation. Mexicans are known as staunchly religious people and the country has very moral society.

The native Mexican people are the descendants of the Mayans, Hidalgo, Miztecs, Oaxaca, Otomi and Nahua, and a part of Mexican population also came from the Spanish conquest and other North American countries. But irrespective of their origin almost all people in Mexico speak Spanish.
Credit: El Balcón del Zócalo Restaurante
Credit: El Balcón del Zócalo Restaurante
Religion and Lifestyle

The people here are predominantly Catholic, and religious events and festivals are celebrated with much hype and hoopla. Majority of the population lives in cities, but the age old lifestyle and values can still be easily found in the small-towns. The urban crowd follows the same lifestyle as its neighbouring advanced countries, due to the vast urbanization in the 1990’s.

Family Life

The families in Mexico are mostly patriarchal, where the decision making and providing for the family are the roles of the men, but in recent times this philosophy has drastically changed. The men are expected to be masculine and strong, but are also expected to give more priority to the family, which in turn makes up for a close knit society.

The Mexicans are also very hospitable people and will do everything within their means to make a guest comfortable. The people here are very easy-going and polite and will not hesitate to help even a stranger in need.

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