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Planning a Trip to Mexico City

Park in Mexico City. Credit: Creative Commons/Lorena Chavira Alvarez
Park in Mexico City. Credit: Creative Commons/Lorena Chavira Alvarez
Mexico City is getting raved for its fashion sense, cleaner-air, inviting neighbourhoods and revamped public spaces. There are plenty of things to do and must-sees on your visit to Mexico City.
Planning a trip to Mexico City can help enjoy your vacation thoroughly.

Getting there
There are many international flights which connect you to Mexico City International Airport (MEX). The city’s metros, buses, taxis, and cabs can help you reach the destination of choice.

Sidewalks and City Streets
The high walks cores in the city make walkability convenient. Enjoy the wide sidewalks, pedestrianised city streets, bike lanes and lovely parks. Paseo de la Reforma one of the city’s main streets is reserved for pedestrians and cyclists on Sundays.
Mexico city DF.  Credit: Creative Commons/ Ralf Roletschek
Mexico city DF. Credit: Creative Commons/ Ralf Roletschek
Air-quality and care
The improving air-quality due to restricted driving, emission-controlled vehicles and factory closings is evident. Individuals with respiratory concerns can avoid venturing during rush hours (try touring the city in the evenings or on a Sunday).

Bustling activities
Amble down the plazas and absorb the bohemian atmosphere of the city. Modest neighbourhoods like Condesa have beautiful parks like Parque Mexico and Parque España which are bustling with activities. Stroll around, walk down with your pets or enjoy shopping. Vendors selling local handicrafts, wooden toys, woollen mittens and scarves are must-sees.

Fiestas and Music-scene
The fiestas in Mexico City are vibrant and the celebrations eventually run till late hours. Experience the music scene with the mariachi bands and dancing in classy bars.
Churros, Chicharron stands in Coyoacan. Credit: Flikr/katiebordner
Churros, Chicharron stands in Coyoacan.  Credit: Flikr/katiebordner
Food backstreets
Street food-stalls and restaurants in Mexico City present gastronomic delights. Whether in Coyoacán or the Roma Norte neighbourhood, the food is par excellence. Be bold with your food choices and scintillate your taste buds. Sample the Churros, chicharron, tacos, nicos, contramor and more.

High food spaces
The rooftop-bars, restaurants and cafes offer excellent views and the songbirds and wind-chimes create a pleasing ambience. Try restaurants like Miralto, Bellini or Condesa DF.

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Bob McKenzie
I am 72 and will be in Mexico City for at least a month. Which areas do you recomend for me to rent an apartment. Perhaps Centro Historico and nearby Colonias?

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