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Explore the 'Hidden Beach' of Mexico

Credit: Christian Frausto Bernal / CC-BY-SA 2.0

When in Mexico City, and have craving for the sandy beach atmosphere then definitely should visit the areas like Acapulco and Tecolutla. We do recommend going a little out of the way for an amazing experience by visiting the Hidden Beach.

The Hidden Beach is quite far off from Mexico City, but it is worth visiting because of its stunning natural views and the calm atmosphere it provides. Possibly one of the most intriguing spots, the ‘Hidden Beach’ is located off the coast of Puerto Vallarta on the Islas Marietas which is on the city’s western side. The beach is almost completely engulfed by a cave, with a massive hole in the roof supposedly done by using the uninhabited island as a target for bombing practice during World War 1.

Because of this extremely unique history and also because of a campaign led by Jacques Cousteau in 1960, the islands were named a national park in 2005 and have been protected ever since.

You can access the beach through an hour-long boat ride from the coast of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, and then either by swimming or paddling through the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Besides that, plenty of tour companies also arrange travels to the exotic spot. You are greeted by the picturesque view and the beautiful flora and fauna; an ideal place for nature lovers. This place is perfect for an afternoon spent lazing around on the beach or snorkelling.

Explore, wander and soak in the sun at the scenic beaches of Mexico!

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