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Gambling in Mexico City

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What you need to know about gambling in Mexico City and how much it has become popular. Online casino, sports betting, lottery, bull fighting, and video gambling.  

Mexico City is located in Latin America where the government has not made gambling legal yet. It is because of the Catholic Church’s influence, their history and what the politicians think of it. However, even if Mexico City is reluctant to be completely open to gambling, the country has made progress in reaching their goal. On the other hand, online gambling largely exists in Mexico City and they have the fastest-growing market for online gambling in America. 

Important information about the gambling in Mexico City

Even if sports betting has been legal for more than 10 years, the Mexican sportsbook industry has just been made legal in the recent years. Now, players can bet on their favorite sports event online through sportsbooks.

  • This is a time in Mexico City where people are able to have access to gambling from anywhere they are. Today, online gambling in Latin America is approximately $300 million a year. 
  • Mexicans also use foreign based websites if they want more fun, there are sites that offer bonuses to new users such as 50 free spins no deposit UK upon visit. There are also sites that offer services written in Spanish and some of them specifically target gamblers in Mexico City.
  • There are a lot of things to do in Mexico City, but it is not hard to notice their gambling market as there are about 300 casinos and gambling places all over Mexico City in 2018. The authorization of slot machines 1st happened in 2013. 

Types of gambling in Mexico City

  • Lottery –There are a couple of lottery establishments in Mexico City, with the majority of the ticket sales being given to important causes. The Melate lottery is one of the famous lotteries in Mexico City wherein players pick numbers between 1 and 56, with a jackpot number. There is an added Melate wheel that have the letters A to E on it for additional jackpot. The jackpots are set to 30m pesos. 
  • Video-gambling machines in Mexico City – These can are located at big and small casinos all over the country. Their quality is similar to a bingo which allows a player to influence the game in a number of ways, which made the game legal in 2004. This happened after the new guidelines were approved and implemented. This is the reason why they are similar to the Class II machines from the USA. 
  • Bullfighting – It is a famous and traditional sport in Mexico City. A lot of the larger cities built their own bullfighting ring. Actually, the largest ring in the world can be found in the main city which can hold 55,00 people. Bullfighting is not for the squeamish because the bull is pierced using small spears and they are finished off by putting a sword through its heart. 
  • Sports Betting – Those who operate sports betting take wagers on different events both nationally and internationally. The largest sports book in Mexico City is the Caliente that have more than 50 betting parlors all over the country. 

Now that Mexico City policy has changed over the years, gamblers have been enjoying its outcome and benefits.

- by Thomas Nemel

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