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The Ultimate Guide for Gamblers in Mexico City 2021 Year

Mexico flag
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For Swedish visitors, the burgeoning casino industry in Mexico City is a welcome sign. Swedish gamblers in Mexico City have a large selection of high-quality in-person casinos. With the recent legislation, casinos are drawing big crowds from Sweden. For online players, many online casino sites will help you find the best bonus offers.

Expert author on the subject, Amy Martinsson provides tips for finding a casino. If a holiday to Mexico City is in your plans, Amy can help you find some of the very best casinos the city has to offer.

A Changing Mexico City

In 1935, Mexico outlawed all gambling. The move was a result of pressure from the government and the Catholic Church. For eight decades, Mexico had a zero-tolerance policy on gambling. 

Beginning in 2004, sweeping new laws passed to allow most forms of gambling. The robust market has boomed in recent years. Mexico City, the nation's capital, has benefited from the new legislative actions. With several world-class casinos, the city of over 8.8 million people is gambler-friendly. 

Sweden has also changed its laws. With the Swedish Gambling Act, outside entities now provide online casinos. The law requires all online casinos to register and licence their business.

Mexico City has a diverse collection of museums, restaurants and shopping areas. Visitors will find no shortage of exciting and interesting places to explore. With contemporary nightlife and plentiful dining, Mexico City is a tourist mecca.

Land Based Casinos in Mexico City

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis of more than 8 million people. As one might expect, this thriving city is home to some world-class casinos. Swedish travellers will find the most popular gambling in the city's trendiest spots.

  • Casino Life - the exclusive neighbourhood of Del Valle is home to this opulent casino. Casino Life offers gaming, bookmaking, concert venue and restaurants.

  • Fronton’s Grand Casino - located near the Monument to the Revolution. Fronton’s offers live-gaming. Choose from roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Texas Hold’em and three-card poker. It boasts a concert venue, a restaurant and bar and a live sportsbook.

  • Hipodromo de las Americas - The horse racing track at the Hipodromo is a great way to enjoy the thrill of live racing. Betting at the track is available and there are drinks and food available. 

For tourists, the sport of bullfighting is a spectacle that should be seen. Gambling for the events is still one of the largest betting areas in Mexico. While the violent sport may not appeal to everyone, it offers a true taste of Mexican culture. Mexico City boasts the largest bullfighting ring in the world.

The Melate lottery is the largest form of wagering in Mexico. The lottery has 56 numbers and five letters. The players pick a number and a letter and can win off either one. If they hit on both, they receive a larger payout. The funds from sales go to worthwhile charities.

Remember that each country has its own requirements for travellers during this pandemic. These precautions may change rapidly. Please verify all the necessary restrictions before travelling. 

With all the casino options available, Mexico City is the place for the travelling gamer. But not everyone can afford or are willing to travel with the current pandemic. So, how might we enjoy the fun?

Playing at Home 

While a holiday in warm, sunny Mexico may sound tempting, many can't travel due to the pandemic. With all the casino options available, Mexico City is the place for the travelling gamer. But not everyone can afford or are willing to travel with the current pandemic. So, how might we enjoy the fun?

Gambling from the safety and comfort of your own home might be the most sensible option for you. With Swedish friendly online casinos, a player can find any site to suit their fancy and their budget.

It’s easy to play, find your favourite online casino, make a deposit, and play all you want. With sites offering bonuses for players, high RTP and diverse gaming options, there is no limit to the fun.

Online gambling options allow us to have fun from the comfort of our living room. With gaming for tables, slots, and bingo, it's easy to experience the excitement. Most online casinos have apps for PCs, mobile devices and Macs. You don’t have to miss the casino experience because of the travel restrictions. Whether playing in person or online, please remember to play responsibly. 

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