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A List of Things you Must Do in Mexico City 

Bellas Artes Mexico City
Credit: Pixabay

There are so many things to do in Mexico City that picking one can be a little daunting. As you gaze around you at the whirl of tropical colours, you may be reminded of that oddly delectable paralysis that takes hold as your eye roves over the sultry contours of a cream-oozing éclair, then darts to the olives, agleam with rich, sun-kissed olive oil you intuit will be just ever so slightly cooler than your mouth, giving rise that – but what’s this? You’re standing over the buffet table and you’ve not picked anything to eat! Someone is jostling behind you! Too late! Time’s up! To bring the metaphor back to the topic at hand – you’ve wasted your holiday in Mexico by not narrowing down your options: terrible idea. You need a list of things to do in Mexico City!

Eat churros in El Morro

Credit: Pixabay

While we have you in the grips of gastric ideation, I’ll tell you about the churros in El Morro.

El Morro is one of those places that’s currently in the Goldilocks zone with regard to exposure and authenticity. It’s well known enough to feature in these here pages but un-tourist-ified enough to still draw a big local crowd. Plus, despite the deserved hype, the price is still typical of a restaurant aimed at local people, which makes eating there an act of daylight robbery for anyone from the US or Europe. We’re talking 1 USD for four churros. Go there. 

Visit Chapultepec Park

chichen itza
Credit: Pixabay

If you need to get away from the hustle and bustle – you shouldn’t have come to a city! I jest. You should actually visit Chapultepec Park. At over 1600 acres, it’s double the size of Central Park in New York. For you Brits, the same stat comparison holds true for Hampstead Heath (which is roughly 800 acres).

But Chapultepec has a lot more going for it than superlative measurements. It contains ruins that date all the way back to the Toltecs, one of the most advanced ancient civilisations in the world. These can really prompt an existential moment for those interested in such things.

The park is also home to a wonderfully diverse menagerie of birds, many of whom migrate from Canada and the US. There are red-tailed hawks, ducks, and even geese!

Take a risk

Now that we’ve covered eating and sitting down, we are surely feeling something is missing - fun! Mexico City is, after all, known for the vibrancy and pace of its culture – for its zing factor! And that city’s gambling scene is the best forum wherein to put that reputation to the test. Sure, online gambling can be zingy too, where even an online slot resembles The Festival of the Dead or other such Mexican delights.

It's interesting to note that something about the macabre vivacity of Mexican folklore and tradition makes them particularly piquant as a casino aesthetic. It may be because, at its core, gambling is the alchemical transformation of risk into fun – and so likewise with The Day of The Dead and what’s essentially an incredibly fun party.  For those looking for other examples of this aesthetic in video games, I’d recommend the excellent Grim Fandango from LucasArts.

What sticks out to many, however, is the simple joy of many of the casinos in this area. Rather than the thrill of high-stakes, the love of play, the spectacle, and the ancient dance with fate supply all the buzz that’s needed.

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