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Check Out Mexico City’s Best Handicrafts

Credit: Pixabay / Hans

Mexico City is a vibrant and exciting tourist destination for anyone wanting to travel for a family holiday. Famed for their local cuisine, the Mexicans pride on having some mouthwatering delicacies for you to try out at one of the many famous restaurants in the city. Take a bit to eat, and get shopping with some exquisite handicraft souvenirs to have a memorabilia of the travels to Mexico City.

Silk Rebozos

A fine gift for a woman with exquisite taste, the garment is almost like a silk shawl that has always been highly appreciated by the local women. This particular item is very valuable mainly because of all the hard work and detailed process that is required to prepare it.

Silverware from Taxco

Taxco has been famous for its ornamental and handmade silverwork since the 16th century. Some of the handmade silverwares are expensive and depict the traditional design.

Brown Glass

This particular technique of creating artefacts first made in Mexico City during the 20th century and has since then been popular in Tonala, Jalisco. Definitely grab a piece of this art to place at your home!

Huichol Art

This kind of stunning pieces of artwork has been created by the Wixarika. Naturally born artists, the inspiration for these iconic images come through rituals and through the historical origins of various stories about god. These stunning paintings are produced on wax-coated boards filled with tiny glass beads and are very expensive.

Visit Mexico City to bask in the sunny climate and get a look around and explore the local landmarks and shops of beautiful handicrafts.

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