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Visit Mexico City’s Best Neighbourhoods

Mexico City Palacio
Credit: Reinhard Jahn / CC BY-SA 2.0

The famously populated Mexico City is a sight to behold, with its multitude of culture and tourist attractions to keep you engaged. There have often been concerns while travelling to this city, especially females travelling solo, but by following the basic etiquette, your trip here is sure to be eventful. Visit and explore some of the best neighbourhoods in Mexico City for you to explore during your holiday.


Credit: Flickr / Rutlo / CC BY-2.0

A swanky, upscale neighbourhood of Mexico City is the popular Polanco which is often called the Beverly Hills of Mexico City. This area of the city includes famous designer shops, high-end gourmet restaurants and some very diverse and wealthy communities. For a glimpse of luxury, check out the W Mexico City hotel and live life king size!

Centro Historico

Clearly, as per its name, Centro Historico is the historical centre of the city. From here, one can explore the main Aztec Temple, the stunning cathedral beside it, and also the murals by Diego Rivera right inside the government palace.

Colonia Roma

A boho vibe spot in Mexico City is Colonia Roma. The neighbourhood mainly attracts architect lovers because of its exquisite Art Nouveau architecture and a quaint cultural centre and some books stores as well.


A place for nature lovers, Chapultepec Park is especially a popular spot for people all over the city to come to visit during the weekends. You can enjoy a casual stroll; explore the National Anthropology museum, restaurants, monument of zoo, lake and amusement parks for a fun-filled day.

Enjoy Mexico City and all its neighbourhoods by simply renting a car. Not only will travel be easier, but you can also shop and buy souvenirs!

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