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Soccer in Mexico City

Mexico City loves its soccer
Mexico City loves its soccer. Credit: Photo by Ana Rojas on Unsplash

Soccer is like a religion in Mexico City. It is by far the most popular sport and millions of fans tune into watch their favorite teams from around the world every week. With Mexico qualifying for the World Cup again this year, the football fever is as passionate as ever in the city.

But any soccer fans visiting the city should also know that they can watch some of the biggest games in the country in the nation’s capital. All the best betting sites will feature the Mexico City teams and there is also a thriving Women’s league in the country now as well. Read on to find out everything you need to know about soccer in Mexico City.

Club America

This is one of the giants of Mexican soccer. Club America is the most successful team in the history of the game in this country, having won 13 league titles and has never been relegated. Only great rivals Chivas can also boast that. America play their home games at the world famous Estadio Azteca.

The vibrant yellow and blue shirts can be seen all over Mexico City – and beyond – and the club’s success has turned America into something of a club that other fans love to hate. Tickets for most games are readily available, thanks to the size of the stadium and are very cheap compared to the cost in other countries.

Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul is generally regarded as the third most popular team in the country behind America and Chivas and its headquarters in the south of the city. The Estadio Azul was the home stadium for a long time until 2018 when the club moved back to share the Estadio Azteca with America.

Cruz Azul is third on the list of all-time league titles, winning the competition on nine occasions. It has also been successful on the continental stage, triumphing in the CONCACAF Champions League six times – just behind Club America once again. Unsurprisingly Cruz Azul’s main rival is America, who they play in the Clasico Joven.

Two of the city's big clubs play at the Estadio Azteca
Big clubs play at Estadio Azteca. Credit: Photo by Ruben Ramirez on Unsplash


Club Universidad Nacional, also known as UNAM but more commonly referred to as Pumas, is the third biggest soccer club in Mexico City and plays at the Estadio Olimpico Universitario. It is considered one of the big four in the country alongside the other two Mexico City teams mentioned here and Chivas of Guadalajara.

As with most teams, the game against Club America is the big one for the fans. Dubbed the Clasico Capitalino, the rivalry is intensified by the fact that the two clubs’ stadiums are just over a mile apart. There have been seven league titles and three Champions League titles for Pumas – but there hasn’t been much to celebrate for a while.

Liga MX Feminil

Women’s soccer has really taken off in the last few years thanks to some high profile tournaments and players – and Mexico has not been left behind. The Liga MX Feminil was founded in 2016, with the first competition beginning the year after. Mexico City has three representatives – Club America, Cruz Azul and Pumas – just like in the men’s league.

The capital city clubs have not been quite as dominant in the women’s game, compared to the men’s though. Only Club America have won the league title, back in 2018, and it has been teams from other regions and cities that have so far taken the lead in women’s soccer in Mexico. The city’s clubs still attract a lot of support though.

Watching Soccer in Mexico City

As we mentioned earlier, getting a ticket to watch any of the Liga MX clubs in Mexico City is not too much of a problem. The passion and excitement of the crowd at any of America, Cruz Azul or Pumas has to be experienced to be believed. Getting around the city is very easy and you should have no problem at all watching the best that Mexico City has to offer.

The shirts of the big three are very distinctive – and you may even spot the red and white stripes of Chivas in some places. But the locals are very friendly and there are not many better experiences than watching a game in a bar in Mexico City with real soccer fans.

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