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Smelling Your Way through Mexico City

Credit:TrajineraShrine - Creative Commons/Jflo23
Mexico City is a land abounds with all five senses – sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. The incredible choice of visitor attractions, the fantastic repertoire of restaurants and the city markets steeped in traditional values, make for a wonderful array of tourist activities. Realizing how vast the expanse of Mexico City is tourists get overwhelmed easily. But that needn’t be the case if you plan your trip according to the blue print of the city. If you are interested in discovering the daily life of a true Mexican, then sniff out the scents & smells at the various markets and local cuisine restaurants.

Start with the Xochimilco, a place most famous for its canals and artificial islands built by the Aztec people centuries ago. The brightly painted ‘trajinera boats’ floating along the canal today can be hitched for a ride to have fun with friends or family or maybe watch spectacles associated with special days like the ‘Day of the Dead’. However, Xochimilco is most famous for its four major markets dedicated to the sale of plants of flowers and plants - Cuemanco, Palacio de la Flor, Mercado de Madre Selva and the historic market at San Luis Tlaxialtemalco. Actually, the name Xochimilco comes from Nahuatl meaning “Place for the sowing of flowers” or “Field of flowers”.

Travel to Madreselva or the Honeysuckle Market, one of the traditional markets in Xochimilco reputed for all kinds, flowers, plants and shrubs particularly birch trees. Another market worth mentioning is the Cuemanco, where people flock to buy plants at best available prices since the producers sell their products directly to the consumers.

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