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What to Wear in Mexico City

Mexico City
Credit: Pxhere
Travel to Mexico is fun and exciting and Mexico City is more popular than ever with tourists. When deciding what to wear in Mexico City it is important to consider that the temperature can change quickly, but if you follow these Mexico City travel tips, you are sure to have a wonderful vacation.
Dressing in layers is always a good bet because, as previously stated, the weather can change from hot to cool in a very short period of time. A baseball cap or hat is a good way to ward off sunburn. A t-shirt underneath a long sleeve shirt is generally appropriate, and it is advisable to bring a windbreaker along to block the chill in the evening.

Good shoes are always a top priority for travellers. A comfortable pair of tennis shoes works well, as do hiking boots with sturdy soles if you are planning on hitting the backroads. Avoid flip flops or sandals as these may cause blisters which can ruin your entire trip.

If you are out sightseeing and enjoying the culture, there is no need for jewelry. Wearing excessive jewelry is generally avoided. Mexico City is not considered to be very dangerous, but like any large metropolitan area, there are always pick pockets and panhandlers. Leave it at home or save it for a special night out to be safe.

Mexico City is a great place to visit and if you plan accordingly and use common sense, you will be dressed for any possible adventure.

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