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Experience Plazas: Zócalo and Garibaldi with Classic Mexican Cockfight

Plaza del Zocalo
Credit: PD Photo

When visitors come to experience the beautiful city of Mexico, it's not enough to just visit grand churches, historical sites, and eat spicy dishes. Spare a night to explore one of the largest city squares in the world, the Zócalo Plaza, which according to the Aztec legend, was regarded as the centre of the universe.

Located one block from the Templo Mayor, bordered by some of Mexico's consequential structures including the National Palace, Cathedral, Old Portal de Mercaderes, and National Monte de Piedad, Zócalo's central location is a destination on its own.

Also known as the Plaza de la Constitución, Zócalo Plaza had been the ceremonial ground for proclamations, parades, and festivals. A large Mexican flag positioned at the centre of the plaza is hoisted up and taken down daily, then brought to the National Palace. Walk along with the vast open space around, feel the cool night breeze as you watch the monument lights lit up, with added sparkles from surrounding buildings, and on a clear night, from heavenly stars.
Plaza Garibaldi
Plaza Garibaldi
Credit: Thayne Tuason / CC BY-SA 4.0

From Zócalo, stroll for about 20 minutes to reach the iconic Plaza Garibaldi while immersing yourself with older heritage streets and churches. Home to mariachi music, several bands play at all hours in Garibaldi, merrily bustling tunes for passing tourists and locals alike. It is best to visit during weekends by midnight and witness the spectacle of sounds and sights sipping local drinks. Nearby pubs and restaurants cater to authentic Mexican cuisines and beverages.

Witness a traditional Mexican cockfight. Be aware that this cultural tradition is a blood sport, which ends with a bloody ending for one of the rooster fighters. It's not a sight for everyone and is still being heavily debated for its nature, but proves to be a guaranteed unique and engaging encounter. Feel the local vibe chant for their bets while enjoying street food and beer. Definitely an unforgettable night for the more curious traveller.

Mexico city can also be explored by booking day trips and extrusions of your choice.

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