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Mexican Wrestling: Experience Lucha Libre in Mexico City

Lucha Libre
Credit: Viator
Get ready to rumble... Mexican style! Experience a full-on, live Mexican lucha libre wrestling match and believe in the power of these masked superheroes and overlord villains. Witness as these luchadores fly on top of each other, slam the ground, whip riot inside the ring, as the crowd roars in unison, filled with cheerful delight!

Start your action-packed night by a lovely coach pick-up from your hotel. As you arrive in the arena, your group will be treated to a tequila shot, a fun preview of what to expect on this exciting night. After a short briefing, your group will be ushered to your respective seats. You have options to seat in Tier 1, Ring 4, and Ring 2 (closest to the stage), which you can determine when ordering your ticket.

The energy is always high before, during, and after the lucha libre match, so crank up your psyche and leave your worries behind! As each luchador gets introduced, screams and clapping will emerge from all around. Marvel at their colourfully festive masks, each representing a part of the deep-rooted Mexican culture of good versus evil. The técnicos and técnicas depict Mexican comic book warriors, saints, animals, gods, and superheroes. They are believed to take on the traits of the mask they chose, and fight accordingly. Their opponents are the rudos (villains), who also wear a mask of their chosen character. Note that some luchadores wear no mask.

Lucha Libre
Credit: Viator
Jaw-dropping performances of the luchadores include climbing on the ring ropes, catapulting over, bouncing up faster than you could blink after landing loudly and attacking their opponent in an outrageously vigorous fashion by leaping and high-flying manoeuvres.After the fight, you will be given your own mask as a souvenir. Your group will then be rounded up for a ride back to your hotel. Don't miss this extremely exhilarating experience and get your ticket for the ultimate Mexican Wrestling Lucha Libre in Mexico City!

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