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Mexico City Food Walking Tour

Credit: Flickr / Mike McCune / CC-BY-2.0

Mexico has a culture appreciated most heartily through the stomach! There's nothing better than having Mexican food straight off the pan, in the middle of Mexico City's nooks and crannies.

Fill up with the city's best offerings as the tour starts with a meeting at Amigo Zocalo, a downtown hotspot where the tour guide and fellow food lovers will converge. First on the list are tacos and quesadillas. A special treat for vegetarians come in form of a huitlacoche quesadilla (or corn smut quesadilla) infused with squash bottom. Meat lovers will enjoy the variety of juicy pork or beef meat cuts.

Credit: Unsplash / Shan Li Fang
Taqueria El Huequito will cater to the delicious al pastor tacos. Load up on slow-roasted pork tacos with Conchita's pibil. Try to savour each bite slowly as more Mexican specialities line up. At Restorante Chon, your tummy toughness will be challenged with exotic yet exceedingly yummy ingredients, which includes grasshoppers, among other insects. More and more fine dining restaurants adapt to the cultural comeback by adding a twist to their dishes, sprinkling these nutritional insects in the mix, together with traditional favourites like corn, avocados, chilli, chocolates, and beans.

La Merced District will not only feed you mouth-watering enchiladas and grilled shrimps, but the whole area will take you to an olden era as these historical buildings were renovated to preserve their elaborate facade detailing. Munch on stuffed poblano chiles and grilled skirt steaks as you take on the festive and colourful of the structures.

Restaurante Cafe de Tacuba
Credit: Hmaglione10 / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Last and the best chill-out spot, the Restaurante Cafe de Tacuba will be the final station of food tasting. The restaurant's charming interiors and cosy arches will soothe and let you relax. Try their famous chocolate beverages to cap your 5-hour food tour.

So book your Mexico City Food Walking Tour, well in advance while visiting the city.


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A food walking tour is a delicious and filling way to enjoy Mexico. You get to taste the best food that is loved by the locals, and you are also given the chance to talk with the restaurant owners, and possibly get some tips on how to prepare their dishes quickly and easily in your own home. From the traditional to the exotic, this food tour will certainly have so much surprises and something exciting for participants.

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