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Candlesmas (Dia de la cendelaria) in Mexico


Candlemas also known as Día de la Candelaria festival is celebrated in Mexico on every 2nd of February every year.

It is a religious and family festival or celebration but in some places of the country, it is treated as a big festival that involves bullfighting and parades. Thought Mexico City and the entire Mexico, on this particular date people tend to dress up symbols of the Christ Child and take them to church to be blessed. As all these events occur, people get together to families and friends to celebrate and eat together.

The 2nd of February marks an important day of the year since it marks the break of one season to another. The season that breaks is the winter solstice giving way for spring equinox. It has also been a predictor of the prevailing or intending weather to come. In other or rather many places of Mexico, farmers use this day as a welcoming of the rains whereby they start preparing their lands for spring planting.
Mexico City activities during this holiday include bringing candles to the church to be blessed as the name suggests. This Candlemas was always preceded by a Kings Day festival that is usually held in every January and those people who receive gifts during that day are supposed to host the parties during the Candlemas day. Mexico City Tours is a review of the photos of the events that take place during those days. People travel from all over the entire Mexico country to come and partake of the festivals. Families also own an image of the child Christ. During this times these families handle hosting various celebrations between Christmas and candle mas.

In conclusion, the Candlemas is one of the most important festivals in Mexico. It marks the end and beginning of seasons. It gives the blessing to the people of Mexico who partakes of the festivals each year. 

In similar fashion, Mexicans celebrate several festivals and events in Mexico City.

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