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Top 5 Restaurants in Mexico City for Mexican cuisine

Credit: Flickr / Larry Miller / CC-BY-SA 2.0

Discover passionate and soulful Mexican food in Mexico City which can make your palate alive. Mexico City is a splash of innovative cuisine, vibrant streets filled with aromatic food, and world-class restaurants.

As you explore best restaurants in Mexico City,  try our selection of the top 5 restaurants that are famous for Mexican cuisine. Sample the historic Tacos al pastor, delectable Guacamole, Tamales, Pozole, Chilaquiles and more.


Experience a beautiful fusion of traditional and contemporary Mexican dishes at the renowned Mexican restaurant Pujol. Chef Enrique Olerva’s revolutionary cooking presents the local flavours in an exquisite way giving diners a wide-range of choice. Look out for the popular dishes Mole Madre, Barbacoa lamb taco and mouth-water dessert a spiral of churros.

La Hacienda De Los Morales

An international award-winning restaurant with a rich heritage coursing back to the mid-sixteenth century, La Hacienda De Los Morales offers exquisite Mexican dishes. Feel the traditional Mexican atmosphere and enjoy the magnificent dishes with live traditional performances by solo pianists, and Mariachi bands.


Nicos has been offering diners an unforgettable food journey and a rich culinary heritage for over 50 years. Chef Gerardo Vazquez Lugo has created a food haven with his traditional style of cooking. Try the organic pork marinated with chili, tamalito corn and pulque (a local alcoholic drink).


Enjoy a sensory gastronomic experience, a splash of freshness of the ingredients, and a stirring blend of Mexican and Spanish cuisine at Biko. Rest assured of exquisite dishes and carefully designed menu with unique cooking techniques.


Considered as one of the best restaurants in Latin America, Quintonil offers a gastronomical journey. Chefs Jorge Vallejo and Alejandra Flores create a beautiful blend of contemporary flavours with traditional ingredients. Try the arroz con huevo, fennel and guacamole, and enjoy the mamey pannacotta dessert.

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Thank you for sharing this post. I wish i could taste all these food, Great Recommendation. I'll just gonna share more restaurant in mexico

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