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Tips for Women Travellers Visiting Mexico City

Women Traveller
Credit: Pixabay / rawpixel

Wouldn’t it be thrilling to throw caution to the wind and experience complete freedom whilst exploring places?

If you are travelling to Mexico City, you may have heard of so many things from the vibrant markets to the Mexican machismo. As a solo women traveller, you may get a lot of reactions which may be alarming especially if you are a natural-worrier. However, solo travelling to Mexico City can be fun, and with some extra-awareness, you can have an incredible experience. Here are some travel tips for women travellers visiting this city.

  • Using common-sense while dressing helps. A pair of jeans, loose pants, or a long skirt can be your best travel clothes, as they can help in avoiding unnecessary ogling and groping.
  • Try and not be a soft-target for muggers by avoiding gadgets like an expensive camera, or face-timing, donning expensive jewellery or watches.  
  • Travelling during the day time can be a lot safer. 
  • Try and steer away from some neighbourhoods after the dark, like the areas of La Lagunilla or Mercado Merced known as prostitution zones. 
  • Never leave your food or drinks unattended in bars and restaurants as they can get spiked.
  • If you plan to rent a car and drive around, then avoid isolated roads and use the toll roads (cuotas). Also, make sure to keep the car doors locked, and windows closed to avoid any car-jacking.
  • If you plan to take the public transport then do be extra-vigilant in the urban buses (micros) especially in the south of Mexico City, where some sexual offences have been reported.

Be extra-vigilant and enjoy your solo travelling to Mexico City.

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