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Enjoy Spring in Mexico City

Mexico City
Credit: Flickr / Eneas De Troya

Spring is just around the corner and the beautiful city of Mexico welcomes the tourists with vibrant flowers in full bloom. The ideal weather for nearly everyone visiting, you can roam the streets of Mexico and check out the culture and attractions of the city. We have recommended some interesting ways in which you can celebrate the spring season in Mexico City during your travel.

Walk around the Bosque de Chapultepec

Bosque de Chapultepec
Credit: Flickr / Roland-V Rupp

This place is one of the largest expanses of natural parks and open spaces, located on the edge of Polanco. The park has a zoo and even a lake to pedal away in small boats with family. Do not miss a chance to visit this space on your travels and visit the Chapultepec Castle, which also houses the National History Museum.

Explore Mexico City with EcoBici Bike Share

Credit: Flickr / mariordo59

With over 260 bike stations, the city of Mexico has multiple riders travelling through the busy streets. You too can explore the area and culture, much like a local and get a completely different Mexican experience especially in near perfect weather conditions.

Check out the Tianguis Cultural “El Chopo”

El Chopo
Credit: Flickr / Carl Campbell

Another way to enjoy the perfectly hospitable culture of Mexico is to take the unique opportunity of visiting the local flea markets on Saturday called “Tianguis”. You can get everything from rare books to vintage jewellery, art and even clothing. The perfect place for souvenir shopping!

Visit the Zoologico De Chapultepec

Chapultepec Zoo
Credit: Flickr / Hernán García Crespo

Get a chance to properly savour the springtime in Mexico by taking a walk to the Chapultepec Zoo. Free and open to the public, you can get in your morning walk and take in nature and animals around.
Visit the beautiful places in Mexico City during the most colourful time of the year by booking your flight today!

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