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Enjoy an Acapulco adventure near Mexico City

Credit: Viator

Travelling to Mexico City can certainly be an adventure. The colourful surroundings, the beautifully maintained nature, the historic attractions and the people and their culture all form an important part and bring out the character of the city. Even more fascinating than the city itself, are the small towns surrounding Mexico City where you can take day trips to explore. Head on over to the town of Acapulco for a memorable vacation!

Kayaking Tour with Lunch in Acapulco
Credit: Viator

For all the beach lovers out there, this trip is one that will surely be close to your heart. Roughly 380 kilometres (240 mi)  away from Mexico City lies the scenic town of Acapulco that is well known for its sandy shores. This town is just a flight away from the main city and is a place where you will be greeted by the beautiful blue lagoon.

Cliff Diving Show in Acapulco
Credit: Viator

The multi-day trip can be personalized for your individual experience and includes accommodation with breakfast. The shores in Acapulco welcome you to enjoy the best beaches in Mexico. So whether you love the beaches, or simply want to work on your tan or enjoy the warm sea water with your family, the choice is yours. You can even wander through the small town and book in some thrilling water sports activities that will surely leave your heart beating faster. Cut through the waters with some surfing, cliff diving or water skiing and walk around town grabbing some souvenirs, the choice is entirely yours in Acapulco!

Are you ready to head out? Grab your bags and clothes and get set to explore the natural and the historic sites that are near and around Mexico City by booking one of the tours available.

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Beverley Wood
Hardly a day trip - it's a good five-hour drive from the south of the city and longer if you are deep in the city (or if there is traffic).

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