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Smart Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel in Mexico City

Credit: Clovis Wood Photography / Unsplash

Eco-friendly travel is an increasingly popular form of travel that blends the thrill of adventure with taking care of the environment. So, the pent-up cravings of travel can now be met by reducing carbon footprints. Mexico City is no stranger to eco-tourism, and here are some top ways to enjoy eco-friendly travel in the city.

1. Look out for environmentally conscious accommodations

Guests can choose a green hotel. It is easy to check out eco-friendly hotels in Mexico City and then book into one of your choices. One can also look at hotel accommodations that are close to popular sites, so it is easy to explore them by opting for a walking tour. Yet another excellent way is to plan the itinerary with travel agencies that offer high-end sustainable travel experiences.

2. Pack fabric tote bags, bottles, and eco-friendly products

When packing, remember to carry your shower products. Please place them in reusable bottles so you can choose to avoid the hotel's mini shampoos and body lotions. Don't forget to carry your water bottles, and refill them when touring around, so you can say no to plastic water bottles. The tote bags can be easily bundled and carried around, so you can slip them in the bags whenever you wish to buy souvenirs.

Street vendors
Credit: Rodro / Pixabay

3. Visit a near-beer bar

It's always great to sample locally brewed beer. It not only helps to cut down on the beer mileage, but guests can enjoy a high-quality ale. If this excites you, try sampling some delicious local produce too. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the city, where one can taste some delectable cuisine and beer.

4. Pack lightly

It is a great travel tip, but when one delves on it - every kilo counts when flying. So, the more a plane weighs, the more carbon emission it will produce. Conscious packing will help the environment, plus, guests can enjoy the delights of travelling light.

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