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A List of Things you Must Do in Mexico City 

Bellas Artes Mexico City
Credit: Pixabay / jcgpaz

There are so many things to do in Mexico City that picking one can be a little daunting. As you gaze around you at the whirl of tropical colours, you may be reminded of that oddly delectable paralysis that takes hold as your eye roves over the sultry contours of a cream-oozing éclair, then darts to the olives, agleam with rich, sun-kissed olive oil you intuit will be just ever so slightly cooler than your mouth, giving rise that – but what’s this? You’re standing over the buffet table and you’ve not picked anything to eat! Someone is jostling behind you! Too late! Time’s up! To bring the metaphor back to the topic at hand – you’ve wasted your holiday in Mexico by not narrowing down your options: terrible idea. You need a list of things to do in Mexico City!

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